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can we have a moment of silence for all the dropped bongs and bowls out there..

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I really do not enjoy Dr. Who but after studying van Gogh pretty intensely this semester this is such an emotional scene. van Gogh wanted to portray his religious values through the everyday man because he thought that they were the most spiritual. The brush strokes not only just a way he shows emotion but in his landscapes has been used to accurately depict weather and wind conditions during those time periods. All of this while battling mental diseases and poverty. I wish he couldve lived to see his success

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he is from my highschool wut

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I picked up my  sweet sweet darling grandmother for Sunday supper as per every week with my cousins calling cackling saying good God girl you got a lost cause stop that now and let her wither where she is

Eating heartily heavily I eye her sitting solemnly not devouring any of the appetizing assorted goods that I had offered so thoughtully that for my life time during her life time she has so dearly dearly loved

Riding wistfully with a sad silence every Sunday supper must come to an end and as we all end I kiss her with great goodbyes and I lay my sweet sweet darling grandmother in the ever living earth under piles of dismal dirt and taking back to my car I think of my cousins and  their outrageous objections about how far a person will go to keep a memory alive.

People with dark souls have nothing but dark dreams.
People with really dark souls do nothing but dream.

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